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LETTER: Productive conversations cannot occur if founded in blind anger

In the past year, as this community of brilliant, wonderful people have come into their fully political selves, I’ve noticed a trend in response to difficult, controversial issues: hate and intolerance. Those are words typically associated with the conservative right wing and the religious extremists. Those are words we throw out when someone holds a confederate flag for a profile picture, when someone calls our best friend a ‘faggot,’ when someone assumes we’re incapable because we’re from Honduras, or female, or suffering from depression. I, like most politically active college students, am familiar with this intolerance. I mourned broken relationships when my cousins unfriended me for sharing the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. I cringed when I read that a professor at our university published yet another article calling for the conversion or deportation of followers of Islam. This hate is frustrating, familiar, and unsurprising.  

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